Top 5 Best Paper For Colored Pencils
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Top 5 Best Paper For Colored Pencils

Best Paper For Colored Pencils.

Colored pencils are considered a native medium for creating art. Many artists use colored pencils for their professional work. When used with the right combination of paper, these pencils can add elegance to your drawing. All beginners prefer to purchase a set of quality crayons and they overlook the importance of the product they will be applying these crayons to.

Best Paper For Colored Pencils.  How to choose?

There are many varieties of drawing paper, and each paper has a different meaning, but choosing the best crayon paper you are using is very important. For example, if you use a colored pencil with thick wax and apply it to paper that does not accept it well, then your goal will not be achieved.

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1. drawing pad ARTEZA 9×12 (best paper for colored pencils)


This drawing pad is considered one of the best papers for colored pencils as it has all the archival qualities. These papers are acid-free, so the sketches stay for a long time; they will not fade over time. It is suitable for all dry environments.

It has a warm white color that won’t make your eyes bored during coloring. Each page is heavy, weighing 80 pounds, 130 grams, and is 9×12 in size.

Each kit contains 80 sheets and it basically comes with a pair of 2 kits. It can be used by anyone due to its low cost.


  • Smooth surface
  • Light tex
  • Perfect fit for color pencils
  • 80 lb
  • 80 sheets sized 9×12 inches


  • Suitable for both dry and wet media(only light washes)
  • Spiral bounding for easy page turn
  • Acid-free
  • The Brand provides a satisfaction guarantee


  • Markers can leave some stains on the sheets


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2. Strathmore 400 series Sketch Pad


When it comes to sketching in a dry medium, this pad is the right choice. These are lightly textured and very thin. It comes in a cream color, which is best for finished artwork. It is also suitable for soft pastel, oil pastels, pens, and ink.

Due to its smooth surface with a non-reflective finish and uniform formation, it is mainly considered as the finest for detailed artwork. The Strathmore 400 series Sketch Pad is the ultimate crayon paper. It is a smart choice for larger projects because of its durability. It can withstand continuous erasing and reworking which makes it best among all the papers.

This brand produces paper in different grades of quality. Strathmore’s 400 series is compatible with all other high-quality papers.

Each set contains 24 pieces and its sheets weigh 80 lb, 130 gsm and the size of each sheet is 12×18 inches.


  • Smooth Surface
  • Resist Erasing
  • Suitable for any media
  • 80 lb
  • 24 sheets sized 12×18 inches


  • Works well also for graphite pencil and soft pastel
  • Good paper quality
  •  Good for portrait sketches


  • Light-texture
  • Colored pencils gradually lose their grace since it is rough


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3. Bellofy 50 Sheet Watercolor Paper Pad


As the name suggests this paper pad is a good choice for both watercolors and colored pencils. While using colored pencils, the durability of the paper matters a lot, this watercolor paper pad is best in this regard.

It is acid-free, which makes it strong enough for watercolor and sketchbook painting. It does not absorb ink which gives it an edge on other papers.

Beginners do not need to waste money on expensive papers. This paper is the best choice for them. Its weight is not too much, so a lot of water applied won’t be absorbed well. So, it is good for little sketching and painting that does not involve much detail.

It also works for all watercolor-based paintings and provides ideal pages for the specific art style. These pages are not good for mixed media, so they are preferred for a particular art-style.

The sellers have enough confidence in the reliability of their product, and they will assure you that you will get the best of the best product. They will offer you a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your water pad.

All pages are bound together with adhesive glue which makes it easy for you to detach and reattach pages.

It’s every page weighs 130lb/190 G and has a size of 9×12. Each set contains 50 sheets.


  • Good for beginners
  • Felt-like texture
  • Budget-friendly
  • 130 lb
  • 5o pieces sized 9×12 inches


  • Can handle frequent erasing
  • Clean edges
  • Budget and eco-friendly


  • Lightweight may not be preferable by most
  • Not good for mixed media


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4. Faber-Castell Black Paper Pad  (Best Paper For Colored Pencils)


This black paper pad has heavy black color as its name suggests and is made of recycled materials. It works well with Gel pens, Gel Sticks, Metallic Pencils, and Pastels. It is heavyweight and acid-free, which makes it reliable.

It’s every set contains 25 sheets and every sheet size is 9×12. You can create a variety of art and drawings on it. This paper is in use for a long time and is best for all ages.


  • Acid-free
  • Made of recycled materials
  • 25 sheets sized 9×12 inches


  • Also works well for Metallic Pencils, Gel Sticks, Gel Pens
  • Made of recycled materials


  • Not that good for watercolors
  • Thin size can soak paint quickly


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5. Legion Stonehenge Pad, 9×12 Inches (Best Paper For Colored Pencils)


This pad is the best paper for colored pencils and drawings. It is suitable for archival purposes, and you can get it at a reasonable price. The reason why it is unique among all other papers is that is made of 100% cotton.

While applying multiple layers of colors a rough paper made of cotton is mostly preferred, and the Legion Stonehenge pad is better for this purpose. You can apply multiple layers of colors and there will be no side effects.

It is very famous among all artists due to its extraordinary features. After its launch, this pad was frequently adapted by all artists and still, they are using it.

Sometimes it is crafted from a mixture between vellum and cotton for an even blend. It has a size of 9×12 inches, and each set contains 15 sheets.


  • Suitable for various art techniques
  • Nice blending
  • Soft material
  • Good for embossing
  • 15 sheets sized 9×12 inches


  •  Ideal working surface.
  • Eco friendly


  • Don’t work well for watercolor
  • Not budget-friendly for everyone


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Each paper can create a different look, so it is imperative to know what paper should be used for that pencil. While choosing a paper, keep a few things in mind. Always go for the size which is a little larger than you might be comfortable with.

If you use an eraser on your paper it might get teared. In this case, heavily weighted papers are suggested. Generally, the recommended weight of papers for artists who use color pencils is between 150 to 300 gsm.

If you want to draw a smaller scale drawing, then you can remove the extra sheet. But if you are not sure about size, then buy 9×12 sized paper because it’s the standard size in the world of colored pencils and works for most people.


What kind of paper do you need for Colored Pencils?

While working with colored pencils or something else, you can’t create anything if you don’t have paper. And using the right kind can make all the differences. Artists can choose any type of art paper ranging from super-smooth paper to very tough, “toothy” papers. You will find no shortage of paper, but the main thing is deciding which paper to use.

For sketching with colored pencils, a paper with 130 gsm will work fine. Technically, 130 gsm paper will also be suitable for creating fine arts based on how many color layers you apply. But if you want to apply multiple layers of colors, then a paper with 160 gsm or more is recommended.

When buying a paper always make sure that it is labeled as acid-free or archival because these are the long-lasting papers for drawings and won’t get yellow with time. If you want your artwork to be successful in the market, then you must use paper that is archival and acid-free.

You should keep three things in mind when deciding the best papers for the colored pencils which are texture, thickness(weight), and color.

Every piece of drawing has its requirements, so it is good to explore all the options for choosing something best for your art.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any specific brands that work well with colored pencils?

There are a lot of varieties of papers for colored pencils. But look for those papers which have archival qualities. My recommended brands are the ARTEZA drawing pad, Strathmore, Bellofy watercolor paper, Faber-Castell paper, and Legion Stonehenge pad. These are acid-free and have high archival qualities.

What are the benefits of using acid-free papers?

Acid-free papers will help you in the preservation of your precious artwork. If you do not use true acid-free material, your artwork may discolor or disintegrate more quickly.

What is Archival quality?

It is a term used for the process when a material undergoes laboratory analysis to check its acidic level.

Which paper is best for multiple color layers?

Heavyweight papers are mostly used for this purpose. Legion Stonehenge pad is best for this purpose as it can absorb different colors and do not produce any side effects.

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