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8 Substitutes You Can Use When You Don’t Have Parchment Paper

What can I use instead of parchment paper?

Who doesn’t love treating themselves to fresh desserts for dinner? Light and airy meringue, soft raspberry puffs, pies, sweet and salty – everything your heart desires. Each housewife has her own culinary secret. What are the main Parchment paper substitutes? One uses parchment paper for baking and roasting, the other uses oiled paper or foil. The taste of the prepared dishes depends on what to cover the baking sheet with. Of course, parchment paper is the most convenient way. But if suddenly there is no such paper at hand, you can find a substitute for parchment paper.

But, first of all, before we start, let’s make clear what baking parchment is?

parchment paper substitut


Parchment paper, or, its other name, baking paper, is a unique material that has a lot of advantages. It is not subject to combustion, does not get soaked or crumble, is grease-proof and resistant to high temperatures, and also retains the shape of the baked goods and its aroma, preventing the ingress of foreign odors. 

The parchment is impregnated with a solution of treated sulfuric acid (in the manufacturing process, after applying the solution, the parchment is immediately washed), and it is absolutely harmless for preparing confectionery and any other products on it, it can be used many times, maybe once, depending on the quality of the parchment sheets.

Such paper is placed on a baking sheet, covered with a baking dish and baking dish. It serves as a layer between a baking sheet, frying pan, or special form and the dish that is cooked on them. So the product will not burn, stick, or damage the dishes, which is also a clear plus. It must be remembered that the parchment should not touch the walls or the door of the oven, it should only come into contact with the baking sheet itself, the form, and the dish. 

Also, parchment paper can be used in the preparation of cold confectionery products, such as cheesecakes, in this case, its main function is to preserve the shape of the product.


What to use instead of parchment paper for baking?

Parchment paper substitute

substitute for parchment paper

Baking paper is an indispensable item in the household: it protects the baking sheet from sticking of dough products and, as a result, allows you to avoid long and thankless dishwashing. In addition, baking paper can be used to serve dishes, bake in an envelope, and reheat in the microwave.

When everything is ready, and the baking paper suddenly runs out, the handy items will come to the rescue. Here is the list of Parchment paper substitutes. Do not worry and panic saying: I don’t have parchment paper. What should I do?”

You will definitely have parchment paper replacement and have something from the list:

What to use if you don’t have parchment paper:

    1. Wax paper – The waxed paper is parchment paper alternative and similar to parchment paper in that it has a thin coating on each side, making it moisture resistant and non-stick. It works well as a less expensive substitute for parchment. Plus, it’s a smart and cheap way to get rid of the clutter. You can cover the countertop with it like you would parchment paper and use it to measure dry ingredients. Wax paper can also be used for wrapping and for storing food.
    2. Aluminum foil – Another substitute for parchment paper is aluminum foil. But, can you use tin foil instead of parchment paper? Aluminum foil is a great replacement for parchment paper. It helps you prepare many different dishes, giving you unlimited culinary creativity. It is produced by foil manufacturers and does not contain additives harmful to the human body, which makes it completely suitable for use in everyday life. Unlike parchment and waxed paper, the foil has nothing to make it non-stick. This means you may be left with pieces of foil stuck to the food when all is said and done. But, just like parchment paper, foil can be used to steam things like chicken, fish, and vegetables in the oven, cover dishes to keep them warm, wrap sandwiches, and wrap meat that you want to freeze in a short time. time interval. Can I use tin foil instead of parchment paper – absolutely YES!
    3. Silpat paper – What can you use instead of parchment paper– Silpat paper. Silpat papers are made of silicone, flexible, and heat resistant. This makes them a great non-stick surface for less messy baked goods like cookies or buns. However, these rugs cannot be used for steaming food in the oven or with the ingredient funnels. Also note that these rugs cannot be adjusted for different projects without having to buy many different sizes, whereas parchment and waxed paper can be cut to the size you want.

  1. Oil, butter, or flour – Oil, butter, or flour are the best Parchment paper substitutes, also a substitution for wax paper. You can follow the old-fashioned route and grease your pans. You can do this with Oil, butter, or flour. You can also do this with oil depending on you and the type of lubricant you prefer. After you’ve greased the pan or baking dish, you will need to sprinkle a little flour on it, shake it, and roll it out so that the flour adheres to the butter. You want the flour to stick evenly, then throw the excess into the sink.
  2. Paper bags are not a substitute for parchment paper for baking – Everybody could say just use a paper grocery bag instead of parchment paper. This is a very bad parchment paper substitute baking due to the high probability of the bag catching fire in the oven. This can happen even at relatively low temperatures. Moreover, paper bags are made of fibrous material that will affect cooking and they do not have non-stick properties. You can’t even grease it, because the grease will simply soak into the paper and become useless. Keep in mind that many grocery bags are the worst substitute for parchment paper in the oven and contain ink that can become toxic when mixed with food. The only thing you might want to try using a paper grocery bag for is packaging food for storage.

Parchment paper is extremely useful for many different things. In fact, the more you use it, the more you will find ways to use it! But sometimes parchment is simply not available for whatever reason. Then you will need an alternative to parchment paper. That is! Now you know what you can use in place of parchment paper. 

Hope the guideline about Parchment paper substitutes has given you some good ideas to experiment with and now you know about alternatives to parchment paper.


 What else are the parchment paper substitutes for baking?

First of all, pastries can be divided into two large groups: sweet and not sweet. Sweet pastries are used as a dessert. Unsweetened baked goods can be used as a separate dish or snack.

Several types of dough can be used for baking: biscuit, yeast, puff, or choux pastry. All pastries can be divided by name: bread and crispbreads, rolls and buns, muffins, puff pastries, small-piece pastries, donuts, pastries from puff pastry and yeast dough, a pastry made from yeast dough, rusks, amateur products. In addition, baked goods differ in shape.

When consuming baked goods, remember that dough products are high in protein, fat, and carbohydrates, as well as calories. It is even useful in small quantities. Especially carefully you need to eat pastries for those who follow their figure.

So, coming to the main question “What can I use in place of parchment paper?”

Here is the list of other Parchment paper substitutes that everybody can use every day for baking when there is no parchment paper in their hands. 

Here another alternative for parchment paper

1.Silicone baking mat for baking – The main function of another parchment paper substitute for baking – silicone baking mat is non-stick. It is placed on a baking sheet so that the baked goods do not burn. It is also very convenient to roll the dough on the rug. The dough does not stick to the silicone surface, the mat does not need to be sprinkled with flour or oiled. And if it is also with markings, then you can roll out a layer of dough of the required size. Great baking sheet substitute.  

The main function of the silicone mat is non-stick. It is placed on a baking sheet so that the pastry does not burn. It is also very convenient to roll the dough on the rug. The dough does not stick to the silicone surface, the mat does not need to be sprinkled with flour or oiled. And if it is also with markings, then you can roll out a layer of dough of the required size. Moreover, the rug is indispensable for freezing or drying any food.

In addition, the rug is irreplaceable when freezing or drying any food. For example, you can plant marshmallows on it and leave to stabilize, bake meringues, work with chocolate, cool caramel or isomalt, dry fruits, and nuts.

  1. Another parchment paper alternative is silicone rubber molds reusable – Chemically inert silicone is used to make silicone molds. The product does not threaten to be damaged due to interaction with heated oil, hot metal, or the baking sheet. Forms are flexible, elastic. Finished baked goods with a golden top crust are easily separated from the walls. A good substitute for waxed paper. You don’t have to worry about burning it. Mold material has a non-stick coating.
  2. Cooking spray – the conventional and good  Parchment paper substitute of a non-stick pan. Cooking spray is an aerosol can containing a kind of “magic” suspension, which is offered to us instead of the traditional oils that we use for cooking (frying) foods. The idea promoted by the manufacturer of cooking spray is that it allows you to cook (fry and bake) without the use of vegetable and animal fats. Cooking spray is ideal for all kinds of forms for muffins, pies, and cakes.

What to use if you don’t have parchment paper – Silicone molds for muffins, cookies, bread do not need to be greased, baked goods do not burn in them, products are easily removed. They are easy to wash, but they can darken on the inside. Before filling with the dough, the silicone mold must be placed on a baking sheet or another stable surface, together with the baking sheet removed from the oven so that the products do not fall out and do not deform.

Silicone coated parchment withstands oven temperatures up to 300˚ C. It can be used 7-10 times. Baking does not burn, products do not dry out on it, they are easily separated from the surface. Such a backing is well suited for meringues, biscuits, cake layers.

Silicone mats are versatile. Some have special markings for rolling and cutting the dough. They can be used to replace parchment paper when baking, by lining a baking dish or baking sheet. Such a substrate can withstand high temperatures well. The only limitation is that you cannot cut on a hot mat.

A common drawback of all silicone assistants is the rather high cost.

Cooking food for the whole family, for guests, while using kitchen equipment is always fraught with some threats and dangers. In addition to high temperatures, open fire, electricity, sharp objects, there is also the danger of harmful substances entering food, which is fraught with digestive problems, poisoning, and allergic reaction.

Toxic substances can be released by materials when heated in an oven, in a microwave oven. To prevent this from happening, so that guests, family members, and yourself do not spoil the holiday, it is strongly not recommended to use instead of parchment for baking.

What can not be used instead of parchment paper:

  • newspapers (printing ink is extremely toxic when heated); 
  • paper with text printed on the printer or covered with paste; 
  • a regular plastic bag (it will melt, the baked goods will be spoiled); 
  • thin paper without oiling (possible scattering, fire)

Parchment paper is specially designed for baking. It is grease and water-resistant and is highly durable. Food baked on parchment does not lose its taste and does not absorb foreign odors. Baking does not dry out or burn. For baking, only food parchment is used, it is not dangerous to humans.

Another good Parchment paper substitute is plain paper. This method is suitable for baking biscuits. For such a delicate dessert-like meringue, it is better to take the thick paper. The main thing is that there are no images on it since the ink will remain on the test and spoil the taste. Before spreading the dough on the paper, grease it liberally. Butter or margarine is best. To speed up the process, the oil is pre-ground to a creamy state. It is undesirable to melt the butter: this way the paper will only fall apart.

H4 What else not to use instead of parchment paper?

Even using office white paper can be harmful, since it is not intended for culinary work and there may be some substances in the paper that can be harmful. It is best to use silicone molds or sprinkle the baking sheet with shredded food if you do not have parchment paper.

What if I don’t have parchment paper? Is it worth using unhealthy materials? 

It is not safe to use the following raw materials for baked confectionery instead of parchment paper. Here is the list of the worst Parchment paper substitutes:

  • Newspapers. This is a very fragile type of paper and also saturated with ink. They will leave fingerprints on baked goods and are unlikely to be beneficial to your body. 
  • The dry writing paper is not used. Before putting the dough on it and sending it to the oven, be sure to grease it with oil, otherwise, you will not be able to separate the food from the paper as a result.
  • It is undesirable to use vegetable oil for lubrication. The product does not save products from sticking, no matter how high quality it is. But the taste and aroma will definitely be spoiled. 
  • Polyethylene. In composition, it differs from baking bags. At high temperatures, the substance can melt. Not only will the dish be spoiled, but there is also the risk of damage to kitchen utensils and household appliances, as well as accidents.

Before cooking with the help of available tools, you need to test them. What if they fail the oven test? Just place a piece of the item in the preheated oven and wait 15 minutes. If the item does not catch fire, curl up, and smoke, then it is safe, and you can start creating culinary masterpieces. Before you cook, make sure your baking materials are intact and free of dirty stains and odors. A kitchen is a place for real creativity. If you show your imagination, you can easily create masterpieces, doing them with improvised means.


Replacing baking parchment paper or using  Parchment paper substitutes when you run out of paper can be quite easy. There are many tried and tested tools for this. For example, those chefs who have tested silicone molds and rugs in business are absolutely sure that it is very convenient, practical, a new word in culinary devices and nothing else needs to be used. For those who prefer tried and tested methods for baking culinary and confectionery masterpieces, foil, tracing paper, even ordinary writing paper will replace the missing parchment for a short time. And don’t worry that the recipe will remain only on paper. Everything will be delicious because it is prepared with soul and love. The question “What is a substitute for parchment paper?” has already been answered. 



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