Arches 140 Lb Watercolor Pad 12 Sheet Review
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Arches 140 Lb Watercolor Pad 12 Sheet Review

Arches Paper has been around us for over 500 years. The company started in 1492. So the reason why artists choose this brand has a long history. They have a strong consistency that many fine artists throughout have used their products.

They make their paper from cotton. This cotton is not from the cotton ball; it is the fibers that are around the seed. This cotton comes from the state of Tennessee. Some of the best pieces of cotton come from there in the United States. One of the reasons that they use cotton is that it is naturally acid-free. It has a meager amount of lignin, which can cause the paper to deteriorate. Moreover, cotton has various fiber links, which give a lot of strength to the paper.

Visual appeal:

This brand has maintained its reputation by not using any optical brightness for its papers. Their paper sheets are naturally white. For making a bright white paper, they add a white pigment that is light-fast so it won’t change. Also, it doesn’t attract any acids. That’s how the paper stays acid-free as long as it is kept out of an acid environment.

Once the paper sheet is formed on their cylinder mold paper machine, then it is run through a process called “texturing.” They have three basic textures that they apply to the wet pulp to form the paper. One is a rough, cold press, and then a hot press. In the case of the rough texture, when you apply the color on the sheet, you can see the texture.


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Visual appeal:

The paper that is cold press doesn’t have as much texture like the rough paper. But the texture is good enough to hold watercolors very well. The hot press paper has a very smooth surface. It is excellent for doing detailed work. You can use different applying mediums on it for a variety of different artistic techniques.

The characteristic of this paper is its weight. This watercolor paper pad is 140 pounds. They also make this in the 90 pounds, 300 pounds, and even as heavy as 400 pounds. The more the weight is higher will be the thickness. If the paper is heavy, then you can apply more water to it.

One of the unique things about arches paper is the amount of sizing that has been put in. The sizing allows the optimum amount of absorption. It is very important in the watercolor technique. The reason why this watercolor paper is famous is that this is unique, and it works excellent for the artists.

This watercolor pad is specially made for professionals; however, if you are a beginner, you can also enjoy working on it.


  1. Cold-pressed finish
  2. Made from 100% cotton
  3. Light textured paper
  4. One pad of paper contains 12 sheets
  5. Sized by 9×12 inches


  1. High-quality paper that is specially made for watercolors
  2. Absorbs optimum amount of water
  3. The sheets are available in three different sizes
  4. There is a choice between cold press, hot press, and rough paper
  5. The paper is available at budget-friendly prices


  1. The paper has an odor that can be irritating for some people

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