8 best paper towels for cleaning windows
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8 best paper towels for cleaning windows

Best paper towels are the basic need of any household. The researchers can tell it is one of the most selling products in Amazon’s household department. It is possible to do the cleaning of windows with cloths but it becomes more effective and easy to clean with paper towels. While you are shopping through Amazon and adding products to the cart, how will you decide which one is the best paper towel for cleaning windows?

Paper towels are a widely used product that has multiple functioning. You will need it for cleaning, in the kitchen, and for your cars. The paper towel will help in cleaning the dust that has been sitting on the windows, and dashboard, for ages. However, we are all trying to make the environment better. So, wouldn’t it be great if we can find a paper towel that is environment-friendly and recycled?

So, here is what we can help you with. We have prepared a list for you to have a look at some best paper towels for cleaning windows, car windows, the Television screen,s and more. The list is researched based on the quality, ply, material, and absorption of the paper towel.


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1. Amazon Brand – Presto! Flex-a-Size Paper Towels:


This is the paper towel that you can use for almost everything. Even if your house is a mess, and you are running low on paper towels, this is the solution. Be it window cleaning, mealtime, kitchen work, or anything else. Presto is one of the popular brands by amazon, which makes it more trustable. It’s better for cleaning any kind of glasses at home. It comes in a size that is convenient to use anywhere possible.

Moreover, the price and absorption is the game-changer. So, if you are looking for a paper towel that can help you with maximum absorption, grab a pack of Presto.

Key point:- Best for Overall use


  • 2-ply sheets
  • 75% more absorption than any other 1-ply paper towel
  • Money-back guarantee if not satisfied


  • Convenient size
  • Multi0funtional application


  • Separate sheets are difficult to work with

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2. Bounty Quick-Size Paper Towels

While heavy-duty cleaning, you might need a heavy-duty paper towel. This is the brand that has to outstand many of the top paper towel brands. That brings it to the top of the list. These towels can be used explicitly for cleaning windows of the car and can also be used for many other messy situations.

It is great for the size and price. So, you don’t have to worry that much about your budget to clean a  huge mess. Also, not only the huge messes but it works great as baby wipes. A great choice for Mom’s isn’t it?

Key point:- Best for the strength


  • 12 double rolls
  • 60 extra sheet per pack
  • 2X absorbent


  • Outstand other brands for great strength
  • Environment-friendly


  • Not the best price

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3. Viva Signature Cloth Task Size Paper Towels

If you are looking for a small spill solution then this paper towel is the best to have. While you think you can get through the big messy situation with the microfiber cloth, it is good to have a small, convenient paper towel for the tiny, messy situations. Also, if you are looking for a paper towel that can aid you with cleaning contact lenses, this paper towel is the problem solver. Because of its smoothness and texture, it is the best choice for cleaning contact lenses.

If you struggle with big size paper towels, and the micro-fiber cloth leaves stain on the glass, Viva is the solution for cleaning glass and leaves it spotless.

Key point:- Easy to use


  • 12 family rolls
  • 143 sheet each


  • Smooth texture
  • Super absorbent


  • Not good as baby wipes

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4. Sparkle Paper Towels

When you are a little clumsy or have kids around, you need to be prepared. This means you need to have tons of paper towels to deal with the spilling. Also, the paper towels need to absorbent, or else you will end up wasting a lot of money on these paper towels. In this situation, the knight in shining armor i.e., Sparkle paper towel. Whether it’s cleaning windows or small wipe-up jobs it can help you with perfect absorbent quality.

So, you no longer have to budge about getting a lot of paper towel supplies, as these will last long. this paper towel wins in the absorbing game. So, this makes it the best paper towel for washing windows.

Key point:- Best for absorption


  • 2 ply paper towel
  • 115 sheets in each pack


  • Texture is smooth
  • Absorbs like magic


  • May have odor

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5. Scott Essential Multifold Paper Towels

Micro-fibre is the best option for clean windows. However, if you find a paper towel that does not leave any lint, what could be better than that? This paper towel is the one that claims and delivers what it promises. You can use it to clean the windows, glass, and more. Moreover, the convenient and easy to use packaging makes it much better to use. The excellent functioning will make it worthy.

If you had been looking for something for your car windows, It is suitable for cleaning car windows too. You can keep this perfect sized paper towel anywhere you want.

Key point:- Best for glass windows


  • 16 packs of paper towels
  • 250 trifold sheets
  • Dimensions 2 inches x 9.4 inches


  • Works best for the glass
  • Does not leave any glue, lint, or particle of paper towel


  • Does not absorb very well

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6. Seventh Generation Paper Towels


There is no doubt that paper towels are better in terms of sanitary. If you are skeptical about using the sponges because of the bacterial outburst, try using this paper towel. Although it is not the white paper towel that you are used to using. However, it is the best paper towel for cleaning windows, and places that can gather a lot of dust.

This is an environment-friendly paper towel that is greyish. It comes with plenty of sheets. It does not look like your everyday paper towel that is whitened with bleach, but the quality of it is still high. Also, it has the best value and price that can help you have tons of paper towels to clean the glass, car window, tabletops, and much more. Also, this paper towel is recycled, which makes it a better paper towel for the environment.

Key point:- Best for eco-friendliness


  • 100 recycled
  • Comes in 4 packages of 6 rolls


  • Eco-friendly, and does not contain any harmful dyes
  • Super absorbent
  • Durable
  • Excellent quality with the value of money


  • Not the smoothest texture

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7. Kirkland Signature Paper Towels


People look for paper towels that are absorbent, easy to place and have a reasonable price this paper towel has it all. Also, the added plus point is that this is another choice to clean windows with a paper towel or be it of the car, or the shops or even mirror in the toilet of the wardrobe.

The no streak leaving the aspect of it makes it the no. 1 choice for people struggling with glass doors, windows, and more.

Key point:- Best for cleaning glass


  • 12 rolls
  • 90 sheets in each roll


  • Super absorbent
  • Does not leave any lint or residue on the glass

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8. Brawny Tear-A-Square Paper Towels



People often mix budget-friendly with cheap rats. But do you know, when you try to find something cheap, you end up spending a lot more money on it than any other? This happens because of low quality, and you get conned with the cheap price. However, if you want the best value pack, this works the best. The price of it may not be the cheapest, but the quality is top class. Also, this paper towel is so smooth and gentle that it works perfectly as baby wipes and for the contact lens. According to our research, it is the best paper towel for baby wipes.

The gentle feel of it and the 2-ply absorbency will let you use this paper towel for things more than just wiping. It can also be used for washing the windows.

Key point:- Best for the value


  • 2-ply
  • White paper
  • 256 quarter sheets


  • Works better than many top brands
  • The perforation works great to absorb


  • The sizing can be better

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Which one is the best paper towel?

Out of all the paper towels that are on the list, you must be wondering which one is the top one in all? So, here is to clear the query for you. The two best options are Brawny and Bounty paper towels.

These two paper towels are considered the best paper towel to clean the car windows. Both of these paper towels are of a similar price range. However, the Brawny’s still stands out on the list.

Can you clean contact lenses with paper towels?

Yes, you can clean your contact lenses with a paper towel. But the main need for the paper towel is to be soft and smooth enough to make it suitable for cleaning the lens.

If the paper towel is rough, this paper towel may not be the best match. The Viva signature paper towel is great if you are trying to find the paper towel for contact lenses.

What feature makes the paper towel the best among others?

The key feature of any paper towel is absorbency. If the towel is not absorbent enough, it is of no use. So, search for the paper towel that can provide you the best in terms of absorbency.

The more absorbent it is, the better it is for use. It will also save you money. So, you use one paper towel instead of three for wiping off the mess.

What is better to use; a paper towel or a cloth?

People consider two options for cleaning. They either use a cloth or a paper towel. However, both of these products have their pros and cons.

When you are using a paper towel, it is easy and convenient to use. You can keep it in the car, on the dining table, dressing table, and even on the kitchen top. But when you are using a cloth, you can not keep it anywhere. The cloth will give an untidy look.

The cloth is better in a longer perspective. It will help you to use it for the day, this will save you money. However, when we talk about the paper towel, that can cost you more, because they are not reusable.

If we are talking about hygiene, the paper towel is better in that case. These are disposable and do not spread bacteria. However, the cloth may spread germs and bacteria to most places.

Can you clean the dishes with a paper towel?

Yes, of course! You can always use a paper towel for cleaning the dishes. These paper towels are disposable. So, you do not have to think if someone else would use it or it will spread bacteria. However, if you plan to clean the meat juices, you should use something more absorbent. It can be a paper towel, also.

Final Words

The bottom line is in all aspects Bounty and Brawny are two of the best paper towels for cleaning windows. The best feature that brings them to the top of the list is their quality. The quality can be judged by how absorbent the paper towel is.

Both of these paper towel brands have been great in providing the type of paper towels that the customers need. You can not only use it for wiping, but these are also applicable in many other ways. While you are on the search for the paper towel, take a look at the above paper towels.


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