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The best paper for alcohol markers mixing

The Best Alcohol Marker Mixing Papers

Alcohol-based ink is perfect for lovers of complex multi-color abstract compositions. Smoky shimmers with smooth transitions, clear borders, and bright shades leave no one indifferent. Creating drawings does not require any special training or art education. Therefore, it is not surprising that the best blending markers have gained so many fans around the world.

But today, we are not making an alcohol markers rating. This is a story for another time.

I wanted to see if the papers play any difference in alcohol markers in mixing, so I tried mixing them on six different best paper for alcohol markers. Two, in particular, are supposed to work really well with alcohol markers, Neenah Solar White and Strathmore Bristol. What I found when I mixed the markers was impressive. Please remember that the markers I used can be different from yours, so maybe other alcohol markers will react differently to the best paper for alcohol markers, So, this is the best paper for the Spectrum Noir markers list. I wanted to put this note in because maybe the best paper for Copics will be different.

It is not a tutorial for how to blend alcohol markers. That deserves an article of its own.

The paper I tested:


  • From Michaels (because Recollections is a Michaels brand) Recollections 110 lb. cream cardstock, which sells in a pack of 100 cards.


  • Georgia Pacific 110 lb white cardstock for a pack of 250, which I usually buy at Walmart, but my price check was done through Amazon, so the price comparison is apples to apples. Picked as the best paper for markers in many tests;


1. Strathmore Bristol 100 lb. 9 x 12″ pack. Considered to be the best paper for alcohol markers by a lot of people

    1. Heavy Bristol weight paper for final artwork

    2. Ideal for pen, ink, mechanical drawing, air brush, and marker

    3. 100 lb. / 270 gsm acid free smooth surface perfect for fine detail work

   4. 9″x12″ Tape Bound; 20 Sheets per Pad              

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2. Canson XL 9 x 12″ 140 lb. Cold Press Watercolor Paper



    1. Constructed of a cold press textured paper for a variety of techniques

    2. Durable surface stands up to repeated washes

    3. Ideal for watercolor and suitable for use with pencil, colored pencil, pen, ink, charcoal, pastel, and acrylic



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3. Neenah Solar White Classic Crest 80 lb. 250 pack




      1. 80lb quality and reliable paper

     2.  Color: Solar White, Smooth Finish

          Item Weight: 7 pounds



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4. Fabriano 140 lbs. Hot Press watercolor paper 9 x 12 inches (do not confuse it with Hot Press watercolor paper Michaels). Often used to learn how to blend sharpies on paper.



   1. Extra white watercolor block

   2. Mould-made of 100% cotton

   3. Acid-free and pH neutral

   4. 140lb Hot press

   5. Block measures 12 by 18 inches

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I used Spectrum Noir DR1, DR4, and DR5 markers for blending, as red colors are sometimes difficult to blend, even on the best marker paper.

I started with Kanson, which is watercolor paper for blending alcohol-based markers. I started by putting all three colors in a row and then used DR1 to mix them all together.  Then I went back to DR4 to ensure a good blend. After it dried, it didn’t blend very well. It is hard to call it the best paper for alcohol markers.


  • Strathmore Bristol — after it dried, it blended very well.


  • Georgia Pacific — after it dries, it blends very well.


  • Neenah — I saw a clear line between 4 and 5 and didn’t think it blended well. Defiantly not the best paper for alcohol markers.


  • Fabriano — After it dries, it blends very well.


  • Recollections (cream color) — even after re-blending after it dried, it didn’t blend very well.


Your results can be different depending on what markers and paper you use.You may wonder if using a larger tip on the DR5 affected my blending on an alcohol marker paper. I used it on Georgia Pacific, Nina, Fabriano, and Memories. Fabriano and Georgia Pacific were two of the three I chose for the best paper for alcohol markers. And the third one should not surprise you…The papers that did a great job of blending Spectrum Noir markers Michaels:


  1. Georgia Pacific;
  2. Fabriano Hot Press;
  3. Strathmore Bristol.


I hope this helps you determine the best  Paper   for alcohol markers that you should use.

Remember that it is not blending paper for Copic markers. This is a whole different story.

Alcohol markers allow you to make subtle transitions of tone, shadows, gradients like watercolor. They are used in the technique of glaze painting. As a rule, the more expensive markers have clear and saturated colors when mixed, and the cheaper ones have a grayish tint.

Drawing with alcohol ink is a great fun activity for adults and children alike. It develops imagination and artistic taste, relieves anxiety and stress, increases self-esteem.


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