Canson XL Series Oil and Acrylic Paper Pad 9 x 12 Inch 24 Sheets Review

Most artists prefer pastels for their drawings and painting. Pastels consist of a pigment that is basically the same as used in other art mediums. Pastels are held in the same way as you hold other art mediums. Each type of pastels has different qualities and effects.

Oil pastels are also a kind of pastel that contains pigment in addition to a wax binder and a non-drying oil. This mixture of oil and binder that contains mineral oils and waxes creates an easily blended greasy stick. These are a great medium to produce painterly effects.

These pastels are a fun medium of drawing for kids in the classroom. Oil pastels are much similar to crayons but the only difference between both is that oil pastels are much softer than a crayon. This makes coloring much easy as compared to crayons.

These pastels are not just for kids. This versatile art medium allows young artists to learn layering easily with no big cleanup process.


The surfaces that can be used for oil pastels include stone, paper, canvas, metal, or any surface you want to test on. But the most budget-friendly surface that can be used is a drawing pad or a sketchbook. Paper surfaces work great for both beginners who are just getting into oil pastels and professionals for creating large paintings.


Canson XL Series Oil and Acrylic Paper Pad is an especially designed oil pastel paper with amazing qualities. This is a bleed proof paper ideal for sketching and painting with oil pastels. It has a canvas-like textured surface that gives an overall pleasant look to the drawing.

The most amazing thing about this paper is that there is no need for priming before applying oil. This is an ideal paper for kids to use in the classroom. They can do many fun drawing activities and learn to layer using oil pastels on this paper.

It’s every set contains 24 sheets. The natural white-colored sheets are glued into a convenient fold-over cover. The sheets are sized by 9×12 inches. These sheets are micro-perforated true sized sheets. Which means that it is the perfect size to create drawings on it.

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  1. 24 sheets in each pad.
  2. Sized by 2×12 inches.
  3. Posses great acid-free qualities.
  4. Weighs 136 pounds.



  1. It has a canvas-like texture.
  2. The sheets are glued into a convenient fold-over cover.
  3. It has a natural white color that is best for sketching.
  4. There is no need for priming before applying oil.
  5. Works very good for layering.
  6. The paper is bleed proof so you can easily do sketching and paintings.


  1. Only comes in one color.

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