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Hammermill Premium Color Copy Paper : The best color copy paper?

Why Hammermill Papers?

A quality paper is recognized by how it looks, feels in hand. Not all papers are the same when it comes to writing ,printing and painting. You can easily tell the difference.

Hammermill takes care of the quality and their team of scientists, chemical engineers, and expert technicians perform up to 1,000 tests every day on all kinds of equipment, to make sure the papers perform at the highest level. It is smoother and heavier than other pages.

Hammermill Premium Color Copy Paper :

This is a multipurpose printer paper that can be use for design proposals or full-color presentations to photographs, flyers or brochures.

The smooth surface of the color paper allows  excellent toner adhesion which brings out the best in your images and texts, while the bright white color offers a striking contrast. This Premium color copy paper is ideal for printing customer correspondence, bills, and invoices.


Specifications and features:

  1. Stable color copy paper is perfect for daily requirements.
  2. Paper size: 8.5 inch x 11 inch.
  3. Paperweight: 28lbs.
  4. Very clear print results. 
  5. White paper with smooth finish feels great in hand, making an impression on anyone who holds it.
  6. 500 sheets per ream.
  7. Acid-free to keep paper from crumbling or yellowing.
  8. Reflects bright colors for excellent image contrast and color reproduction.
  9. Smooth surface good for adhesion, multipurpose uses.
  10. 100% brightness for true color reproduction.


Load your office copier and printer with this paper for quality prints, from meeting announcements to executive reports. This paper offers a bright finish and a heavy weight that works for office printing jobs of all sizes.

No one wants to deal with flimsy, lightweight paper. It tears easily and just doesn’t feel good in the hand. This 28-pound paper is a powerhouse in the office, giving a quality feel to your printed materials.

If you want to save money on this paper, you should probably consider buying a printer with cheap ink. It would save you a lot of money if you are printing a lot.

Reports, announcements and other printed materials feel bright and clean thanks to the 100 colored paper, which is the highest possible rating.

It is compatible with color copiers and color laser printers, making it easy to bring a little color to your documents.

Unique Quality of the papers :

The weight and brightness aren’t the only qualities that make this a paper worthy of your finest documents.

Acid-free for archival uses, this paper has a surface that aids in blending toner for bright, accurate color on the page.


Where to Buy?:

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HammerMill color copy digital paper comes in reams of 500 sheets. Order multiple reams based on office paper consumption projections to keep those printers running at full steam.

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