How to use watercolor to show art on your paper
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How to use watercolor to show art on your paper



 Whether or not you call yourself an artist, creative nature is found equally in every human being. Highlighting this ability is a skill, and that is art. 

 Using Watercolor is also an art. The word ‘Art’ has been used in ancient times and has been praised by experts in various disciplines, especially the arts. In simple words, if art is described, we can say

 “ Art meets humankind in a way that is unknown to the world”.  That is, man is aware of something which is not equally available to every human being. Watercolor painting is the ability to grab a pencil, pen, or brush and the ability to snap any picture, to wrap your interest. It is a great way to showcase the reality of any country or region or people living there.

In this regard, let me give you an example, if you see some people talking or laughing from a high place and make this scene a part of your painting with your watercolors, you are describing the prosperity of the area, and here it highlights the important aspect of watercolor painting.

Is nothing short of an amazing invention and surprising results for people who are new to the art. Even sometimes, the results of watercolor painting are nothing short of an accident for experienced artists. The only example of watercolor painting is the attractiveness of colors and their appearance on paper.

 Denying that watercolor painting has a vital role to play in creating a diversity of arts, will be wrong. However, in my opinion, painting, especially watercolor painting, is the best thing in our life because of its advantages. Watercolor painting is also a way for us to show our talent, our hobbies, and our characteristics. Every human being is a traveler to the world of ideas but can move on to their lives and well-being if they provide the opportunity to express those ideas.

 It would not be wrong if I said, Ideas without expressions, are like those bricks that cannot be erectedWatercolor painting highlights the ability to think and observe. Besides, the art of watercolor painting helps us have the motivation to overcome difficult situations in life and see life more beautiful. Watercolor painting is a never-ending art.

It reaches out to any part of the age and interprets the artist’s thoughts until the last breath. Suppose you are not familiar with watercolor painting, but you would like to have a hobby that is comfortable and satisfying, then as an artist, I would suggest you try watercolor painting as a hobby.

Painting is an art that provides an opportunity to take a closer look at the colors of nature and the beauty of nature. Watercolor painting is the art of drawing the spectacles of life onto paper.

 When I talk to some people who are affected by watercolor paintings, they say so, “It is a magical art that describes an idea in reality as if interpreting a dream”

 Leslie Dutcher (Director of Publications at the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco) writes about Watercolor in her book “Watercolor”,

 “Watercolor is a felicitous and spontaneous medium. Notoriously, Unforgiving, it works best for artists who strike a fine balance of skillfully harnessing its unpredictable character and gracefully accepting its chance-like meanderings”.

 If this statement is to be seen in simple terms, then it is clear that watercolor painting is an art that is useful only to those who are proficient in it and are skilled at viewing its results.

 Using it is an everlasting art that burns the soul of an artist until the last breath. One of the important things about watercolor is that it can be done anywhere and anytime. Just as every other art is treated in a particular way, using watercolor is an art that is as delightful and unique in its practical way as the resulting masterpiece.

 Painting in watercolor may not have been of interest at first. It is vibrant and compelling in now a day. Watercolor is a medium, that translates your emotions, feelings between colors, and painting. Only after coloring with this fantastic medium, you will begin to understand the beautiful properties of it. It is a source of harmony with your ideas.

You will be amazed to hear that there are different watercolor societies across America. There are various serious and great masterpieces in these societies. The significant and exciting part of these masterpieces is, they are more interesting than other academic communities.

Regarding the watercolor, as the mentioned outset, there is something that attracts interest. The interest is like approaching a treasure after a long journey in search of a treasure and exhausted and then wanting to touch it.

A dealer, Frann Bradford of Eleanor Ettinger Inc. of New York City, has been quoted as saying, It’s the more sophisticated collectors who buy watercolors – those are familiar enough with art to be able to appreciate it. Watercolor painting involves a mixture of water and pigments.




 In conclusion:

The art of watercolor painting has many benefits in our lives. And the interest in this art is inspired by our young generation. Our generation today is looking for some moments of peace and relief in the fastest times of their lives, where they can see themselves out of this noisy and busy world.

According to a recent survey, most of the young generations consider arts to be an integral part of their life. Watercolor painting is an essential hobby for them.

Many countries are still lacking the skill of watercolor paintings and their artists. It is necessary to hold various exhibitions, where the people are informed about colors, watercolor paintings, and their interesting results. This awareness will help people to learn about watercolor painting and generate interest which they can use in their time to come.

This work is accomplished through adventures. As an artist, I imagine watercolor is a chapter in the art world, which includes fun for children. This practice is found most widely in Asian countries and states.

There is no shortage of talent in such areas, but there is a shortage of campaigns for such activities. People are familiar with this art but like strangers. As an Asian, my observation has come to the conclusion that, if the people here are made aware of watercolor painting a little, unforgettable masterpieces will emerge from here.

Before world war two, many kings in the subcontinent adopted painting as their passion and skill in it, so their names are still part of history and in this period watercolor painting was started in some areas.

But it was not as traditional as the watercolor painting is today. Today the art of watercolor painting can be reinforced with regular counseling in these areas. Lastly, I would like to say that the work of serious artists in promoting the art of watercolor painting is praiseworthy and in the days to come. It is only through the many efforts of these artists that.


Tools and Materials:

There are some basic principles of painting with watercolor. Wet cleaners are generally preferred because they provide a good flow of painting. Besides, seagrass colors are used, as young children use them in small-scale competitions in school. This is a simple activity that can play an essential role in getting to know it.

The First and foremost tool for watercolor tools and materials is;

  1. Set your space :

Watercolor art needs to choose a place where you can do your job easily and comfortably. If you have a room or a roomy space, you can do your job better. This room doesn’t need to be fancy or new, but just a comfortable height where you can work. After choosing a place, it is crucial that you keep the room or are bright you want, so you can see colors accurately with the help of a desk lamp and a full-spectrum light bulb.


  1. Essentials:

Use and quality of paper:

 The most important thing to understand about the paper is the weight. Thick watercolor papers with enough weight can hold water without buckling. Hot pressed paper for watercolor is smooth and non-textured, requiring less water for the paint to flow easily.

        The use and quality of the paper are very important in painting with watercolor. Painting with watercolors requires a lot of water; a regular standard copy or paper or drawing paper cannot absorb that much water and the painting becomes useless.

Various types of watercolor paper brands are found in the market. But I’ll repay the same paper that the greatest artists use for their paintings. According to Linda Daly Baker, the paper at Arches #300 is the best paper for watercolor painting, and my preference is the same. In addition, the GRAZA PAPER, made by SPAIN, offers different effects and is softer.




Watercolor Brushes:

Brushes come in a range of sizes. The lower number (0, 2, 3, 4, etc.) have smaller bodies, and the higher number (12, 14, 16, etc.) have larger bodies. The sizes you choose will depend on the scale of your painting.

 To achieve variety and quality, you will need to have different types of brushes. Following are the best quality brushes:

  1. Rigger or liner brush
  2. ½ square brush
  3. Size 5 standard-size round white sable plain brushes 
  4. Size 6 round brushes
  5. Size 10 round brushes

 You should carry your brushes on the go in a roll-up brush holder to keep the trip from getting damaged. You can easily make one out of a piece of felt or a placement.


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