Legion Stonehenge Pad 9×12 Inches 15 Sheets Review

The widely preferred and top-rated paper for colored pencils is the Legion Stonehenge Paper. This paper, as compared to others, is far better for soft leaded colored pencils. Sometimes the paper is made from the mixture of vellum and cotton for even blend.


The Legion was founded in 1972 and has always been known for making 100% cotton paper. It was quickly adopted by artists and a broad spectrum of media. Its versatility and affordability have made it famous among students and professionals.


This paper pad made from 100% cotton is purely acid-free and contains no optical brighteners. The amazing thing about this paper is that it was initially made for printmaking purposes, not for colored pencils. Its quality fiber makes it able to stand for a long period of time without being deteriorated or turning out yellow.


What makes this paper remarkable is its weight. Weighing 250 gsm, it can resist erasing during your artistic creation process. This paper is intended for professional creation, so we recommend not to use it for practice purposes. The slightly textured surface can work well with multiple layers from colored pencils. The paper has a good size range. You can find five different sizes while purchasing it.

Each pack contains 15 sheets, which are sized by 9×12 inches. The sheets are totally acid-free and pH neutral. The sheets are available in three amazing colors i.e. Warm White, Natural, Cream, Fawn, and Pearl Grey.

Price and Quality:

  • You can get it at a very reasonable price. It is very famous among all artists due to its extraordinary features. After it’s launch, this pad was frequently adapted by all artists, and still, they are using it.
  • Excellent quality paper is an ideal working surface to work with all media except watercolors. It has a good rating among other colored pencil papers. The paper is made in the USA and can be shipped anywhere through the Amazon website.

 Originally made for printmakers, these cotton sheets soon became famous for colored pencil techniques. The paper is also suitable for graphite pencil, pastel pen, and ink.

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  • White-colored.
  • The sheets are sized by 9×12 inches.
  • A pack contains 15 sheets.
  • Acid-free.


  • The paper also works amazing with Prismacolor pencils.
  • Nice texture that is perfect for colored pencils painting.
  • The paper stands up to layering very well.
  • The paper is a great alternative to large sheets paper.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • It is suitable for various art techniques.
  • It has very soft material.
  • Nice blending.
  • Good for embossing.


  • The paper is not suitable for watercolor.
  • It is not easily affordable for everyone.

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