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All Questions About Maintenance Of Paper Shredder: Answered

paper shredder maintenance

Are you searching for the answers to all your paper shredder maintenance related questions?

Well, you are in the right place. Here you will find the answers to all your queries and confusions.

What is Paper Shredder?

A paper shredder is a machine used to cut papers either into strips or fine particles. The shredder is used to destroy private, confidential, and sensitive documents. In this way, the information from the papers cannot be retrieved. The use of shredder not only ensures security but, reduces the waste volume as well.

There are several types of shredders; some are for personal use at home. They are comparatively small and take less workload, then there are the ones used at offices and on a higher level the big shredder machine is used on an industrial level.

How does it work?

Wondering how the paper shredder works?

Paper shredder has a bin fitted into it, where all the shredded papers are stored. The paper shredder gets operated through the sensors. As we enter the paper into the shredder, the sensor gets activated which helps the teeth of the shredder to rotate and cut the paper into tiny bits.

Types of shredder:

  • Strip-cut shredder
  • Cross-cut shredder
  • Micro-cut shredder

Paper shredder maintenance questions:

To get the best out of your shredder, it is necessary to maintain it properly. Here we are going to answer all your shredder maintenance related queries.

How to fix a paper shredder jam?

There can be several reasons which can lead to a shredder jam. Also, there are several techniques to unclog your shredder. As safety comes first so, first of all, you need to turn off the shredder. Let the shredder cool down if it is overheated. Now check the bin whether it’s full or not. If it’s full just empty the bin. Now turn on the shredder move the toggle switch to the reverse and then to the forward position to unjam the shredder.

Moving the shredder in reverse motion can help to ease the jam, if you still face a jam during the reverse motion just remove the top of the shredder and check the blades to see if there is anything stuck in the blades, just try to remove them carefully and turn the shredder on.

You may also try the method of pulling the paper backward. Pull papers or other materials towards you to unjam the device, then check it with a single piece of paper.

How to oil a paper shredder?

Proper lubrication of the shredder increases its life span. Oil serves as the food for Shredder for its proper functioning. If you do not lubricate the shredder from time to time it may cause serious issues. There are several methods of lubricating your shredder

  1. Direct oiling: In this method, you directly put the oil into the cutting feed while turning it on and then you run the clear paper sheets through it.
  2. Indirect oiling: In this method, you put the oil on a sheet and then run it through the shredder.
  3. Wax paper: In the third method you just run the wax paper through the shredder. The wax paper serves as an alternative to oil, which smoothens the shredder.

How often should I oil my shredder?

The answer to this question varies widely. It mostly depends upon the type of shredder you are using and also how much work do you take from your shredder?

The rule-of-thumb recommends oiling the shredder every single time when you empty the bin. A Micro-cut shredder requires frequent oiling as compare to the strip-cut shredder. In case if the shredder starts working slow, heats up, or makes noises it indicates that it’s time to lubricate your shredder.

Whether to follow the rules or not, you should try to oil your shredder every next day. As it only provides benefit to the shredder.

How to clean a paper shredder?

The thorough cleaning of a shredder is mandatory for its proper functioning. While cleaning the shredder you must remove all the dust, glue, paper particles, plastic particles, or unnecessary garbage from the shredder, which can cause damage and reduce the life of your shredder.

For cleaning your shredder you just turn it off and let it cool down for a while. Then remove the cover of the shredder and check the blades thoroughly. Now with the help of a brush gently remove all the stuck garbage from the shredder.

Note: Be very careful while removing the garbage from the blades.

What do I do if my paper shredder overheats?

The heating up issue is common among the paper shredder. The capacity and work time of a shredder varies from one model to another. Most paper shredders have a maximum run-time because their motors get warm from shredding.

The run-time is specifically mentioned in the user manual. So if you exceed that time the shredder can automatically turn off to cool down the motor. You don’t have to worry, in this case, let the shredder take its time to cool down.

In the normal cases of shut-down, you don’t need to worry, but if the shredder gets heated up too often or very quickly, then you really need to fix this issue.

You can try the following methods:

  • Just remove the case of your machine and check if the blades are properly clean or not, the stuck material in the blades can cause a jam or overheat. So clean it properly and try the reverse operation, after that just start with a single sheet of paper.
  • Less lubrication of your machine can be another reason for causing overheating. If the machine is not properly lubricated it won’t work smoothly and will be prone to overheating. So in case of overheating just lubricate your machine and do it frequently.
  • You should always keep in mind the run-time of your machine. And never put an extra burden on it. Use fewer papers in case of overheating of your shredder.

How to fix Paper Shredder’s sensor?

Sensors are the most important tool for operating the shredder.  The paper shredders work due to the sensors, so even a little default in the sensor needs to be fixed.

So in order to fix the sensor, first turn the shredder off. Then, you have to remove the security flip of the shredder to find the sensor. Now when you have found the sensor, just use the blower over the sensor and the blades. It will remove all the unnecessary paper particles and dust from the sensor. In case you don’t have the blower, just use the slightly damp cotton ball or Q-tip to clean the sensor.

Then put the cover back on the shredder and you are good to go.

Hope we have answered all your paper shredder maintenance related queries.


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