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Strathmore 400 Series Sketch Pad 9×12 100 Sheets Review

Strathmore is a brand that supplies quality art products at fair prices. This brand is leading in the art supplies market for more than 100 years. They have gained this reputation by supplying fine art paper with high quality.

Choosing paper for artists is the most critical thing as the surface selected can highly affect the outcome of their work. This paper eases this process for artists by supplying artists of all levels with ideal surfaces to create their works of art.

This brand offers the most versatile sheets. Strathmore has a series of papers based on the quality of the paper. The name of its series is 100 series, 200 series, 300 series, 400 series, and 500 series. The 400 series out of these is the best quality series for advanced artists.

This sketch pad, which is made in the USA, is from their 400 series product, which means it is a top-quality product. The paper sheets which are made with 30% recycled material are ideal for classroom experimentation and practicing new techniques with dry media.


The acid-free paper has true sized micro-perforated sheets. There are 100 sheets on this sketchpad. Its sketchpads come in different sizes so you can enjoy the different sizes according to your drawing needs. These drawing paper pads from for that reason, are a great choice for sketching in a dry medium. The sheets are light-textured, and the weight of the paper is 90 gsm, which is not very thick.

Usability and durability:

There is a fine-tooth texture on the paper surface, which is able to handle colored pencils very well. The pages are perforated so you can easily tear off the pages if you want to. Due to its smooth surface with a non-reflective finish and uniform formation, it is considered the finest paper for detailed artwork.

The sheets are bonded by a wire-bound so you can easily hold the sketchbook in one hand. This paper is ideal for dry media sketching, experimentation, perfecting techniques, and preliminary drawings. The paper is very good for dry media; however, not so good for wet media. So avoid using watercolor on it. This is a very good quality paper that doesn’t turn out yellow for years. It can withstand erasing and reworking, which makes it a great choice for artists of all levels.

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  1. Acid-free
  2. Weighs 60 pounds.
  3. Fine tooth on the surface.
  4. Wire bound.
  5. 100 sheets per pack.
  6. Sheets are sized by 12×18 inches.


  1. This sketch pack is good for quick sketches and very casual work.
  2. Works well for testing out compositions.
  3. The paper has very good quality.
  4. The natural white color with enough tooth allows grabbing graphite and other dry media very well.
  5. The paper is made with 30% recyclable material.
  6. The paper is available in multiple sizes.


  1. The paper is very absorbent, so it is not good for watercolors.
  2. You can not do archival work on the paper because it’s only 90 gsm weight.


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