U.S. Art Supply Sketch Pad Review
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U.S. Art Supply Sketch Pad Review


U.S. Art Supply  Sketch Pad  has always been amongst those brands which import high-quality products at low prices. Its products are easily accessible through many online stores. It is one of those brands owned by TCT Global Corporation. The company was founded in 1974 as a small business. Now it has been extended worldwide, aiming at providing seven continents quality products at competitive prices.

Oil pastels are an amazing drawing medium for color art. Because of their amazing qualities, many artists prefer to use them over other color media to produce wonderful art. If you have worked with soft pastels before, then it will be easy for you to use oil pastels as they behave in a similar way to soft pastels. Oil pastels are also like crayons in characteristics.

Artists may decide to use a variety of surfaces with oil pastels, including paper, canvas, or cardboard. But the paper is the most common among them. The tooth or texture of the paper selected affects the painting. The combination of oil pastels with a smooth surface can create a sharper image.

When artists have an opportunity to paint with oil pastels, they love to create natural scenes and portraits. Natural tones are perfect for creating natural art paintings.


The 16-Sheet U.S. Art Supply Pastel Paper Pad is best for this purpose as it comes in natural color tones, which gives artists an amazing experience to work with oil pastels. These natural tones include eggshell white, cream white, light beige, and beige-grey.
It has a smooth surface but enough tooth for pastels to stick on it.

Also, the great thickness is best for mixed media work. Its 80-pound weight is good enough to resist tearing. For  young artists, this Art Supply Sketch Pad is a good choice to consider because of its cheap prices.

They can practice drawings with many mediums, including oil pastels, soft pastels, and charcoal. Another amazing thing about this paper is its acid-free nature. This property helps in preserving drawings for a long time.

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  1. The sheets weigh 80 pounds which is enough weight to withstand tearing.
  2. Comes with a pack of 2 pads with 60 sheets in each.
  3. Natural tone colors perfect.
  4. Nice thickness.
  5. Sized by 9×12 inches that is enough size for any drawing.
  6. Acid-free.


  1. Beginners can go for these paper pads as they are highly affordable.
  2. The perfect balance between the grit and smoothness of this paper can give the best outcome with oil pastels.
  3. This is a great paper for charcoal and soft pastels this paper can not be used for sketching because of its smooth surface.


  1. This paper can not be used for sketching because of its smooth surface.
  2. The thickness of the paper is not suitable for watercolor.
  3. Pages are glued at the top of the page.


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