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What is bogus paper?

What is Bogus Paper? – Uses and applications

If you want to know what bogus paper is, this guide will help you. So let’s make it clear.

If you want an industrial-grade paper that is soft enough to protect delicate parts without scratching or leaving marks, the bogus paper is a great choice.

Coming to the main point – what is bogus paper and what’s the bogus paper definition? Gray Bogus Paper is recycled newsprint, with dark ink giving a gray color during recycling. Similar to grey kraft paper (but softer), it is an ideal paper for filling voids in packaging, alternating or wrapping individual pieces. The weight of this grey butcher paper also helps to prevent parts from shifting during transport. So what is on paper?

These bogus paper sheets are 100% environmentally friendly, contains no additives or coatings, and is (of course) made in the USA. Use butcher paper signs as packing material or industrial paper that protects and softens, offering a more comfortable experience for shipping and receiving departments.No more guessing what is bogus paper. You have already known what is bogus. This is bogus.

Gray Bogus Paper Uses and Applications

The mostly gray bogus paper uses to wrap items to protect them from scratches and friction in transit, but to define bogus, it must be said that dark grey tissue paper is a multi-purpose, recycled paper that provides excellent absorbency at a lighter weight, and tears easily, which makes this dark brown butcher paper ideal for:

  • Wrapping
  • Packaging void filling and cushioning
  • Stage backing
  • Interleaving
  • Banners and signs
  • Glassware protection
  • School paper


So we made clear what bogus paper is and how to define newsprint? To conclude, grey bogus is made from all kinds of recycled paper materials – kraft paper, corrugated board, chipboard, newsprint, pretty much anything they can add to the mix. This dark gray tissue paper is an excellent brown paper packing material, filling more voids per pound than most other papers. It is also good as an interleaved if the abrasion is not a problem.

1. Brown Kraft Paper Roll – 18″ x 1,200″ (100′) Made in The USA 

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1.Thick and Durable Brown Construction Paper Roll.
2.Made with heavy-duty paper, this sturdy craft roll can be used as parcel paper and is great protection when shipping.
3.Use it for wrapping your Christmas, birthday, or wedding gifts.
4.Great for Moving.
5.Use these brown craft paper rolls for acrylic and oil paints, chalk, crayon, markers, watercolor, and more.


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2. Made in USA Brown Kraft Paper Jumbo Roll 17.75” x 1200” (100ft) -gray craft paper




1.100% Recycled Brown Kraft Paper MADE IN USA.
2.Paper Weight makes it Ideal for Wrapping and Multiuse
3.Eco-Friendly Traditional Brown Craft Paper.
4.Ideal to Use For Wrapping, Packaging, Decor, Mailing, Holiday Gifts.

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3. Kraft Brown Wrapping Paper Roll 18″ x 2,400″ (200 ft)


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1. Sturdy and multifunctional, it can be used as brown craft paper, as packing dunnage for moving breakables, or as paper tablecloths in your rustic cafe.
2.ECO-FRIENDLY and biodegradable, our brown paper roll is made of sustainably sourced 100% recycled paper
3. It is easy to handle by kids and adults.


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